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26. unfortunately, 180.north – gps art

Title: unfortunately, 180.north – gps art / microbe.3
76 files: 952.6 KB
Created: 2000 (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Deleted: 5 June 2011
Author: Igor Štromajer
Produced by Intima Virtual Base – www.intima.org

Part of the Mobile Trilogy (micro gsm/gps/wap.art trilogy, 1999-2000) by Igor Štromajer.

Courtesy of the Computer Fine Arts Gallery – Computer Fine Arts Collection / netart collection and archive, New York City, U.S.A. (Haifa Museum of Art). The project is included in the permanent collection of Computer Fine Arts Gallery NYC [commissioned] / Haifa Museum of Art.
Curator: Doron Golan

About: www.computerfinearts.com/collection/00__About/
Project: www.computerfinearts.com/collection/stromajer/gpsart/

– 6 CLASS files
– 4 JAR file
– 51 HTML files
– 12 GIF files
– 1 JPG file
– 1 SWF file
– 1 TXT file

Contributter: Ian Campbell

– Original intima.org URL (2000-2011): http://www.intima.org/gps

Archived Discussion: Should Links Be Blue? (Rhizome.org mailing-list, February 2000)


Selected screenshots/fragments (click to enlarge):

[Flickr] www.flickr.com/photos/intima-photo/sets/72157626699721820

– List of exhibitions (until 2007): www.intima.org/exhibit.html
– List of selected related texts (until 2007): www.intima.org/archives.html

Original instructions (from 2000):

recommended: pc _ ie6+ _ netscape6+ / mac osX _ ie5+

Hidden instructions (from 2000):

how to navigate?
| yes | i want help
[i have navigation problems]
| no | i don’t want any help
[i’ll explore the navigation system by myself]

are you sure?
[by reading | help | you
reject the excitement of finding
the navigation system by yourself
are you sure you want to
give up that easily?]
| sure | not sure |

how to navigate?
[location bar + keyboard = add file names]
your current location is:
add suggested file name. the first suggested file name is “enter.html”.
combine this two facts: if you add “enter.html” to “http://www.________.___/”
you get the following structure:
follow the pattern…