35. interno/inferno

Title: interno/inferno / time based net art project
26 files: 214 KB
Created: 1996 (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Deleted: 14 June 2011
Author: Igor Štromajer
Produced by Intima Virtual Base – www.intima.org

– 9 HTML files
– 17 GIF files

– Original intima.org URL (1996-2011): http://www.intima.org/intferno


Selected screenshots/fragments (click to enlarge):

[Flickr] www.flickr.com/photos/intima-photo/sets/72157626575229495


Original description (from 1996):

who is [GTC] Dragan Živadinov?

interno/inferno is a web art project [not documentary] dedicated to the [G]reat [T]eacher and [C]osmonaut [GTC] Dragan Živadinov. its purpose is to re/create his virtual and artificial:
it is constructed as an interactive web art project where internauts can co-re/create his virtual life and fiction artworks.

the project consists of 3 phases:
[phase A – construction]
[phase B – preservation]
[phase C – destruction]

even you can be [GTC] Dragan Živadinov!

start of the project: Sat Oct 12 16:54:59 1996
end of the project: Sun Sep 19 23:59:59 1999


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