34. e/motion HELP – is there anybody out there?

Title: e/motion HELP – is there anybody out there?
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Created: 1997 (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Deleted: 13 June 2011
Author: Igor Štromajer
Produced by Intima Virtual Base – www.intima.org

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– Original server/location (1997-1999): http://www2.arnes.si/guest/ljintima

– intima.org URL (1999-2011): http://www.intima.org/help

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This net.artwork deals with loneliness and communication and associates the loneliness that one can experience in cyberspace, behind one’s computer window and space loneliness through the emblematic figures of Gagarin and Terechkova, being the only human “there” at a time, with no one to share the extraordinary moments they were living. In Štromajer’s view, the two cosmonauts are the Adam and Eve of our new era. In this work, Gagarin and Terechkova become kinds of icons, part of a saga and of real history. Through them and their symbolic value, space has become part of history, of our life, something “usual”. – Annick Bureaud

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my name is valentina vladimirovna tereshkova. i am alone. it hurts.

my name is yury alekseyevich gagarin. i am alone. it hurts.
in my spacecraft, vostok 1, i travelled once around the earth on a flight lasting 108 minutes. because she did not know what the effects of loneliness on me might be, my e-motions were controlled entirely from earth.
you are like her. control me, please.

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