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24. sm.N – Sprinkling Menstrual Navigator

Title: sm.N – Sprinkling Menstrual Navigator / navigational www movie
720 files: 4.05 MB
Created: 2000 (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Deleted: 3 June 2011
Author: Igor Štromajer
Produced by Intima Virtual Base –

Courtesy of Le Centre national d’art et de Culture Georges Pompidou, Musee national d’art moderne, Paris, France (site internet, Collection du MNAM-CCI, AM 2002-238, 2002).
Chief Curator and Curator of New Media: Christine Van Assche.
Since 2002, the project is part of the permanent collection of the Centre Pompidou, Paris [commissioned].
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– 6 CLASS files
– 2 JAR files
– 551 HTML files
– 15 GIF files
– 140 JPG files
– 2 MID files
– 1 TXT file

– Original URL (2000-2011):

Selected screenshots/fragments (click to enlarge):


Brief description (from 2000):

“sm.N” is navigational digital web movie that runs only on the internet. There is no offline version. When you run the movie, you can enjoy sequences and the sad story about love, emotions in general, and broken communication. Moving images are accompanied with MIDI sound and metaphoric (imaginational) english subtitles.

There is of course a possibility to click on every sequence in the movie and to explore the links which are already predefined. There are very basic URLs (words) like:
… etc.

Some of the URLs doesn’t even exist. One can see what content is included in those sites (URLs). With the combination of the sm.N movie (story ), subtitles and sound, you can get a conceptual point of view on how to understand those external basic URLs and the meaning of words. URL becomes more than an address: the address becomes the content / territory.

Additional (smaller) screenshots:
sm.N – Sprinkling Menstrual Navigator (Internet Art Project)

Original instructions (from 2000):

ms ie 4+
min. 64 MB RAM
min. 28.8 kbs

Netscape 4+
Java & JavaScript
wav/au/ra audio
CrossFade JavaApplet developed by AnfyTeam ©

1 – enter on enter signs
2 – once you are running the movie: click the movie sequences
3 – free your mind and the rest will follow

Sound: Background MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) sound file – 9,72 kb, total length: 02:10 (looped), 8-bit

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