21. [ i want to share you – what are you doing to me? ]

Title: [ i want to share you – what are you doing to me? ] / “quero partilhar-te – que me fazes?”
176 files: 2.75 MB
Created: 2001 (Ljubljana, Slovenia / Porto, Portugal)
Deleted: 31 May 2011
Author: Igor Štromajer
Theory: Bojana Kunst
Co-produced by Intima Virtual Base – www.intima.org and Porto 2001 – European Capital of Culture

Created for Porto 2001 – European Capital of Culture.
First presented in Serralves Museum, Porto, Portugal, October/November 2001.
“Thought, Science and Interdisciplinary Projects” – International Conference on cyberculture – Ligaçoes/Links/Liaisons, Section: Dangerous Links (Keynote speakers: Steven Shaviro, Eduardo Prado Coelho, Filomena Molder; Invited artist: Igor Štromajer – Project presented by I.Š and Bojana Kunst).

Curated by Maria Teresa Cruz and José Bragança de Miranda.
Warm thanks to Eunice Gonçalves Duarte and Jorge Martins Rosa, my dear friends.

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– Original server/location (2001-2004): http://www.interact.com.pt
– intima.org URL (2001-2011): http://www.intima.org/share

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[Flickr] www.flickr.com/photos/intima-photo/sets/72157626699935452

What are you doing to me?

I want to share you – What are you doing to me? è una controversa opera di net.art che mira a scandagliare uno degli aspetti più oscuri della sessualità, l’incesto, attraverso testi e immagini d’arte che scuotono ancor di più per l’uso di tecniche di programmazione in javascript che portano a far scomparire le finestre dallo schermo secondo movimenti graduali o a farle muovere autonomamente. Un lavoro inquietante e nondimeno coraggioso, che mette in luce la dimensione privatamente onnivora e voyeristica della rete decontestualizzando anche opportunamente immagini e simboli commerciali.

@ Neural.it, 19 Oct 2001 – www.neural.it/nnews/whatareyoudoingme.htm

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Original instructions (from 2001):

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– what you get is not what you see; there is more (always) – explore (inside // outside)
– free your mind and the rest will follow


– be patient, this is internet…
– REFRESH // RELOAD frames as many times you want (as frequently as you can – use right-mouse-button)
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– images, texts, animations, movies, sounds, html, Java, JavaScript and applets created, recorded, edited, paid/bought and stolen by Igor Štromajer, http://www.intima.org

– basic structure of the project is placed on the http://www.interact.com.pt server, but the project itself is spread over different servers all over the world (many external links included)