16. T_rauma

Title: T_rauma | intimate extraterrestrial communication / love without mercy . the signal
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Created: 2003 (Rauma, Finland)
Deleted: 26 May 2011
Author: Igor Štromajer
Produced by Raumars Artist-in-residence – www.raumars.org
Executive Producer: Suvi Aarnio

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T_rauma is a project created as a part of the Raumars – Rauma Artist-in-Residence Programme, where the Slovenian intermedia artist Igor Štromajer was working from March to May 2003. The aim of the project was to explore the possibilities of the intimate extraterrestrial communication in Rauma, with all the consequences and frustrations that extraterrestrials as strangers and foreigners bring to town and its introverted as well as extroverted communication system. Intimacy was understood as something very emotional, but absolutely necessary in order to survive in this traumatic situation. It is dangerous to communicate, it is dangerous to experience love without mercy, but when the signal comes we have to be ready to kiss and love extraterrestrials, to give them a hug and to cry with them.
They often cry, why shouldn’t you?
Extraterrestrials cried in Rauma on May 17th 2003. Did you catch the signal?

Raumars Artist-in-residence, Rauma, Finland, March – May 2003 / The Lönnström Art Museum

Otanlahti Bay, Rauma, Finland

– Original intima.org URL (2003-2011): http://www.intima.org/trauma

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Collaborators: Lönnströmin taidemuseo, RPR – records, Sokos, Rauman kaupungin kulttuuritoimisto, Rauman kaupungintalo, Musta Pörssi, Kerttu Horila, Rosso ravintola, Tino’s, Rauman radiokerho / Harri Sirola

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