Archiving early net art works and recording documentary screen-capture videos.
Computer: Macintosh LC III (from 1995) by Sakrowski.
Browser: Netscape 2.0.
Work: 0.html by Igor Štromajer (Intima)
Berlin, 5-7 May 2011

RT @112mirabela: ‘Race to save digital art from the rapid pace of technological change’ #guardian

RT @markamerika Why do men collect art? Aesthetics, competition, risk, prestige, mate attraction, legacy, immortality. It’s an entrepreneur’s wet dream.!/markamerika/status/66945302233493504

Heath Bunting: “As technology moves forward.. all my work is falling apart.. I’d like to move forward as well, into a more outside adventurous practice, so this video is an attempt to document the ruins and the remains of my internet work”

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